Bragging a little and showing off my impressive knowledge of technology.

I've got the new Marie Claire idees. I have a friend whose husband works in France and gets it for me. Na na na na na.

I scanned the front in to my little scanner and here it is.

I also wanted to scan an inside page as well, but when the scanner made a definite clunk and said there were 15 minutes to go until the scan was done, I used my great powers of detection and figured out it's fubarred. (I think that's a rude acronym, but it works and I would never use the whole sentence in front of anyone)

So I got on the website and found this.

And this.

I've officially started my Christmas shopping. Tee hee.


  1. Oh no not christmas again. Surely not already.

  2. Oh yes, FUBAR, I know what THAT means. tut tut.


  3. I was trying to work out what the red at the end of furbar was, and then I realised it was not part of the acronym, lol. Good to catch up again.

  4. oh I am so jealous!!! I want a friend in France who sends me that magazine!

  5. I bought a copy of Idees when on holiday in France 2 years ago - and discovered you can get a subscription sent to you in the UK.
    It only comes out every three months, but my french is not good, so it takes me that long to decipher it all!!
    Can't wait for the Christmas issue.


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