I can prove that there is more than one way to skin a cat....

My technological wizardry is about as good as my ability to resist a cream cake (you know, the Waterfields caramel doughnut with the sticky caramel icing, the vanilla scented cream that oozes out with one bite and the solid white chocolate medallion on. The sort of cake you have to reach for in times of crisis like forgetting to put the cat out, putting a cup down on a table without a coaster and , well, generally, anytime) so when my DH rang from work with the simple instruction; 'e-mail those pictures to me', I was ready.

Two weeks later I finally sat down to send them. Technology cannot be rushed. If the computer can be bolshy so can I.

First attempt; g mail. I attached all the files (16 pictures). No good. Too much information and my computer said no. ( I had a boy in a class last year who communicated by Little Britain. Computer said No was his favourite, Want that one came a close second. Having never seen the programme I was baffled but pigheaded enough to want my own way. I never grew up past 7 years old.)

Second attempt, the default e-mail on the puter. No good. It dates from the days of dial up connection, doesn't pretend to know me and wouldn't cross the street to send an e-mail for me if it wanted to, which it doesn't, it being an inanimate thing and not, as I am inclined to believe, a malicious sentient being with a voice like the Kit car. 2001 has a lot to answer for.

So I sat and thought. A decent cup of tea, all those free radicals, it works for Doctor Who, why not me?

And I stumbled across the answer. I got a new e-mail address. This is my third in as many weeks. I now have two addresses in two separate parts of the cyberspace. What will I do if my two selves ever meet? Will the vortex collapse or will I just have to introduce myself; Angel jem, meet Angel Jem.

And will it mean I miss this week's first of three parts.... The Doctor dead? Nuclear holocaust? Rose's new hairdo? How can I survive?


  1. Run that by me again!! I'm impressed by anybody who even attempts to email a photo let alone succeed. Persevere, they cannot be allowed to win!
    Julia x
    ps. Thanks for your kind comment


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