Why I may not be too fragrant for the next week....

My shower is broken. No, let me rephrase that my shower is very broken. It leaks and it has made a damp patch on my ceiling. Imagine the picture, I like taking pretty pictures of my house but even I draw the line at the lunar landscape currently in formation on my hall roof.

So, I got my DH to ask at work for a plumber. He came home yesterday with a name and a number... that's all, one little forename and a mobile number. And this man is going to see my ensuite? Worse than that, he has to pass through my bedroom to get there?

My instructions (for me from DH, don't go thinking I have any authority in this house; it's why I want a cat.... except the cat would be more in charge than I am...) were to ring Jimmy the Plumber and arrange a meeting. It was only as he answered and I said "Hello, is that Jimmy the Plumber....." that I got a dreadful feeling. I desperately wanted to say it in a Scorsese way, you know, a New Yoik gangster way, a "I'm ready for you to mess wid my pipes but you better not want to play with my stopcock" way In a Sopranos way rather than just a piping soprano voice.

No, he's not a gangster, just a nice guy who happened to see the funny side of being Jimmy the Plumber (I had to tell him; I had to spill the beans) and axed for his protection money when he knocked on the door (well, rang the Cuckoo doorbell, but that just lowers the tone) . Jimmy has looked at my loose sealant. Jimmy says we need to get it re sealed, but can we leave it a week to dry out? No showers for a week? We do have a bath..... but the last time I had one I think I was pregnant and I'm not sure it was with the Princess. I may just have to learn a whole new language of bathing for the week;

night time baths, not showers,

foam bubbles not cream (or creme, I only buy the best) gel, and perhaps, just perhaps,

a glass of wine and candles...... Am I available next Friday, Jimmy?........ oops, perhaps not.......


  1. I used to love baths! Long decadent ones, with a good book, a bottle of wine, nice bath oil. I'd sit in there for hours topping up the hot water. Now, well, manky bathrooms aren't as conducive to the soaking process.

  2. ooh not nice - I'll let you know if the wiff reaches me!

  3. Hope you get it fixed soon!!

  4. Love baths and wouldn't be at all distressed without the shower!
    Actually I was Just stopping by quickly to let you know that I've moved blog homes, you can now find me at:


    Hope you can drop by sometime, I'll be back soon to catch up with you.

  5. OOh I love having a bath. I always take a book or a magazine and can wallow in my own bath water for hours!!


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