I plays Hookey....

Today should be Ballet and swimming.

Actually we will go swimming at midday, then go to visit my Ma, but we're playing hookey from ballet.

Is that bad?

It gave me a chance to read all the blogs I haven't for a while, to leave a lot of comments, to see what is out there in the creative zeitgeist and to pump the well of inspiration.

We'll go see Ma, but we need to go to the Market. I want some cute buttons, some cotton yarn, some pretty material. I feel a sewing & knitting fit coming on. The princess needs her new summer dresses.... and a white cotton cardy. And then the boys will need some shorts, and I need some new baggy trousers and I need a new cushion and I want a summer house with gingham curtains (red) and an outside socket for a kettle and a sofa.......

Inspiration, he?

And now I'm off to take some pictures, to download a whole load of the computer onto my external hard drive and to fight (tooth and claw) with my children for the right to keep the computer until swimming.

Get off there, kids, it's mine.

And, by the way, don't you just love these?


  1. 'I'm waving at fat!'
    I think it does you good to play hookey from ballet sometimes. ;)

  2. They were sooooo cute!!! But so repulsive all in the same thought!

  3. I'd love a summerhouse too!Of course it would have to be painted in F&B colours and have a table for tea and cakes.Missing ballet might be naughty but I'm sure you'll be forgiven.

  4. I appreciate your warm wishes. Hope you are okay too. I can sense your creative urges are spilling over. Get too it Mrs!

  5. What is it and where do you see them.....? Cute in a devilish way.....

  6. Cute in a devilish way. What are they and were can one see them.....


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