Because everything goes at once...

Gratuitous shot of reasonably tidy front door area. (Note baskets of living stuff and lack of letters piled up on mat)
My e-mail isn't working.

So, because it's not working I don't check it.

So, if anyone I know has e-mailed me....... I haven't ignored you on purpose, I just haven't been able to get through to the stash waiting for me on Virgin medias e-mail shelves (Don't try and fool me that it doesn't all get stored on pieces of paper somewhere. I know it does.)

Apologies then for any unintentional rudeness & offence that I may have caused.

The other downside of this is that I am loathe to do any online shopping because I don't know what to do about an e-mail address.

Which is a pity as I actually had time on my hands today to browse and added some more pretty stops to my favourites list.

Sophie Perks Ward, a name I recognise from magazines

The Hen House. Look at those cute baskets! I love french style shopping baskets and will be getting one.... as soon as I get to France!

Lily Blue; I was having a Greengate moment. I may possibly squander £10 on a couple of teatowels & make some cushions. Possibly.

The Mulberry bush. I will be dreaming of a Poppy Trefry tea cosy for weeks. Shame.

And in my personal life.....

Well, work is going well. I'm on 5 mornings and 2 afternoons a week, which is quite enough thank you very much. I'm desperate for a part time job come September, but there isn't a lot going at the moment.

My children are all well and better after the Easter from Hell. We managed 2 days out all holiday & everyone was sick one after another. Whoo! I was glad to get back to school for the rest. They also won't leave me be on the 'puter. I need a lap top, but I might have to wait to get one until I am working/ I win the lottery/ I figure out how to do the bank heist without getting caught.

I'm off now to read around and see what is big in the blog world. (Or I might do some knitting. I grabbed my needles and some wool & I have a plan to knit a waistcoat by Friday. Yeah, right.)


  1. Why don't you open a webmail account, it's free. I use hotmail as a backup and I just need to go into it every 30 days to keep it open. There are loads out there at Yahoo, Google, Hotmai etc.

    Your service provider probably has a webmail address where you can open your mail from anywhere in the world. Go to and select your blueyonder address. You will need your password etc to get through but your mail will be waiting there for you.

    Hope this works, e-mail me if I can help any further, or post a comment on my blog and I'll get back to you.

  2. I'm another one that is going to suggest opening a web account. I use google mail these days and I have no complaints at all. Plus I can shop where ever and when ever I like!

  3. Don't you feel frustrated when you can't shop online. Especially as you can't find all that lovely Green Gate stuff in the shops. (Not near me anyway!)

  4. I hate not being able to shop online. I only discovered Lily Blue in the past week. They have some gorgeous Green Gate products.

  5. Hellooo nice to see you. Glad the job is going okay, sorry you didn't have such a good Easter and hope you are all back on track now.

  6. glad you are ok hope you et the email sorted soon


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