I'm beginning to get very excited about Christmas... is this normal?

There are 74 days left until Christmas!!

This came as a bit of a surprise to me when I looked it up today, as I don't feel anywhere near ready for Christmas. Also, is it my imagination, or have shops not got Christmas in as early as last year? I went looking for wrapping paper last week and couldn't see the sort I was after in Tesco, W H Smiths or Asda. In fact, Asda had no Christmas paper and shelves still full of Hallowe'en!
That struck me as rather odd, because when it comes to Back To School the shelves are cleared and replaced by Halloween before school even starts. I think I was hoping for something similar with Christmas.

So, in an effort to get Christmas juices flowing, I thought I'd share a few things I'm looking to do or get for Christmas.

1. Visit Salisbury Museum.
They have the Terry Pratchett exhibition on, until January 13th and my two sons are keen to go. We live in Liverpool, and there's a long distance between the two places, so we've booked a couple of rooms in a Travelodge and we'll make a short break of it. It will be the first time we've actually taken the kids away between Christmas and New Year ever ever ever. Already Sarah has told me that I have to take their Between Presents so she can open hers in the hotel room. And we're splitting by sex, not by age, so I'll be sharing a room with her. Roll on the Buck's Fizz and chocolates at night time!

2. A New Orange Coat.
I have no idea why I want one, but I saw a rust coloured coat on a model or in a magazine and I am lusting after one. Orange has been a big colour for me this year, and I love the fact that it goes so well with mustard yellow, black and red. I'm searching, but alas I haven't found the one I need yet. I'll keep looking. I'm not one for going for something just because. I'd rather hold on and wait for the one I want.

3. A Visit to The Christmas Markets.
Sarah and I went last year and it was lovely: Manchester markets are large, have a good selection of continental foods and do a cracking mulled wine. I'll take Sarah again this year, just because it's a nice way to spend a day with the daughter, but I'm also going to Durham mid-December, so I hope there'll be enough Christmas-ness going on up there to keep me happy.

4. A New Favourite Drink For the Season.
A couple of years ago it was all about the Snowballs: then it was Amaretto and coke. One memorable year I had Cherry Bakewell cocktail made with cherry vodka from Poland. This year... well, I'm looking out for the drink that might make me happy this  Christmas. I quite fancy Valencia Orange flavour gin from Liverpool Gin.... and for my non-alcoholic days I really will try some of the mocktails from this post.

There. I'm feeling more Christmassy already. There are only 74 days left, did you know? I'll have to start watching my Christmas movies soon. Any recommendations?


  1. I watched While You Were Sleeping the other day whilst doing the ironing.
    If you are going to be just up the road from me in Salisbury and you fancy a chat over a coffee let me know. Not sure yet when I am off over Christmas but if you have the time and I'm off maybe we can grab a festive hot chocolate?
    Lisa x

  2. That's months away! I don't usually start thinking about Christmas until December. Our Birthday season only finishes on December 14 and I can't get in the spirit of things until after... that's how I like it. I'd love to visit a market though. Enjoy getting into the Christmas spirit :-)
    As for the orange coat, I love the idea. It is one of my favourite colours - ever. There is an orange duffle coat on the Boden website, not sure if this is what you are looking for but it is a start. I want a yellow coat, another favourite colour. x

  3. oOoh, an orange coat sounds a good idea! I have a gorgeous one which is Vintage Jaeger that I picked up in a charity shop a few years ago now. I haven't noticed much Christmas stuff yet except for M&S who had chocolate sprouts!


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