My Days have been filled recently...

I have been busy over the past couple of weeks. I think life (for me) seems to get faster the older I get. Certainly, I look back at the days of at-home motherhood with a yearning I didn't expect to feel. When the most I got done in a week was 2 or 3 days supply, and they weren't guaranteed.

Work is pretty full time, of course, so I find myself trying to fit a life into 2 days of the weekend. And since I love me a good bit of downtime and solitude, I find I'm fighting the urges to rest and relax or to get up and do. So I feel very Jekyll and Hyde. I'm either calm efficiency and getting the house cleared well, or collapsed on the sofa, remote control in hand, guinea pig on stomach and bewailing the days when I was able to watch daytime TV alone.

I have no idea how full time workers fit in housework. I know that possibly before I began full time work I should have cleared the house, so that I could now consider getting a cleaner in to do a bit for me. As it is, I grab opportunities when they arise... like painting the kitchen last week. I'm very pleased with the blue of the walls and the white of the paintwork, especially when I can zhuzsh it up with some pretty bits as well.

The blue of the walls is called marine, and it is a really deep blue, darker than I expected, but not too dark to live with.

The kitchen faces East anyway, so all natural light has gone by lunchtime. I've tried the white or pale cream approach and, true, it is a little brighter, but it's pale, shows up every mark and just doesn't suit me. I'm a bright colours girl. It's why I'll never make it as a natural Parisienne (that, and the extra 5 stones I carry) or as a Dane (plus I'm dark haired).
These photos are all taken in the course of the refurb, so they're not staged at all. I am still fiddling with the small details of the room, like fairy lights, picture frames and how to keep a kitchen clean, but the place makes me happy.

And I love how clean the white woodwork looks against the blue. It makes me feel very hygge.

The firm. Peter Kneale Solicitor, has decided to open on Saturday mornings. From 10 until 2pm, so my free time will be even more precious. It does make sense, but oh my word! What I wouldn't give for a replacement secretary now and again. I will, conversely, get a free afternoon now and again in place of, so that must be celebrated. The question is whether I will use it for my house, or for visiting Aged P's.
Either way, the Saturday opening is to see if working people call in to the office when it's not the usual working week. We still want more clients, and I'm still pushing hard to get the name out there. If you know anybody who needs personal injury claims, wills, probate or any legal advice really, then please pass on our details to them. I've put up one of our posters below, so you could save that and pass it on.


  1. Having a good sort out does wonders. Blue and white always looks so fresh together. I can imagine a piece or two of pretty blue and white china hang on the walls as well as your lovely hygge sign and hearts. I have one those red hearts! I had it on the bedroom wall for ages but it never went up after we painted in there. I'm going to hang it in the utility room and see if I like it in there. Thanks for the reminder!
    Lisa x

    1. It's a pleasure. Grief, I feel like I never get to reply to people any more! And my blog reading has gone down to virtually zilch. Get the heart out & put it up. I love using hearts all over the house.


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