My bathroom needed cleaning.

So I sewed up a pair of slippers instead.

As displacement activities go, it is one of my best. A couple of hours stitching, a couple of hours watching 15 to 1 (my quiz show of obsession at the moment) and a good rest.

It would, after all, be what the Doctor ordered, if I ever got to see a Doctor. Unfortunately, and I guess I'm not alone in this, my surgery has a new system of appointments so that you can no longer book ahead an appointment unless you stand on one leg in a thunder storm for an obscure hour between gleaming and gloaming on a night that may or may not be a day as well.

Or you have a telephone consultation with a doctor who may or may not want to see you that day. But if you do that, you must ring at 8am promptly to join the queue and talk to the rottweiler who may or may not pass your number on to the medic.

I am not cross. I am not at all cross. I just hope that I actually never need to use the service until it has collapsed and recovered again.

Back to the pleasantest acts of the day.

These slippers were made from a kit made by Those Joe's Toes. I had a giveaway with them a couple of months ago won by Jo at Through the Keyhole but I also treated myself and Sarah to a set. I've been meaning to make them since I don't know when, so I grabbed my chance today. After all, a cold, wet Saturday afternoon is made for cleaning bathrooms and I really didn't fancy doing that. I'm out tonight and I needed a rest before hand.

The slippers were quite easy to make, everything is provided and all you have to do literally is sew ready stamped and holed pieces together. It was easy. I've done a cross-stitch edging all around to add a little extra for the guinea pigs to eat. And as you can see, they're quite happy to have a nibble.

They are very comfy cosy. Very hygge.

And talking about hygge.... I have a new book out on Wednesday!!!! For more information and details, please visit How to Hygge the British Way on the 24th of May.


  1. They look great, I like the cross stitched edging. The slippers I won have been sent to Eleanor in a box of goodies so she's got something to do when she needs a break from revision. Hope David's exams are going well.

  2. I really like those slippers. A much better use of time than cleaning the bathroom.

    My doctors is the same, it's a nightmare. And they only release appointments in two week blocks so you've no chance of being organised and booking an appointment for something non-urgent in a few weeks time, you know, to be organised.


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