First Sunday of Advent.....

And breathe.

I say that to myself a lot at the moment. A lot over this weekend, especially, when a bug wiped me out for Friday and Saturday meaning any plans I had for a quiet Christmas putter in my house were wiped out. No slow amble around a supermarket looking for red candles for my Advent wreath, no pootling through the advent chest to find and choose which calendars made the cut this year and filling them with gold-wrapped chocolate gingers, no slow sipping of a Costa mulled wine. Oh, no! My Saturday was passed on the sofa, plain builders in hand, snuggling 'neath a quilt and checking that everybody else was cold as well, or was it just me? (it was; everybody else was toasty warm)
And of course that means I am a weekend behind in any house preparations I wanted to make. My settee will not now be pulled out and carefully cleaned behind before the tree takes centre stage and makes housework redundant. My kitchen cupboards will be dirty and unlined as I cram the December goodies onto the shelf and my advent calendars sit on a subtle patina of dust.
Am I bovvered? Well, there is the little House critic inside me who whispers that I will completely spoil the season if my wreath has used cream candles (at least until Wednesday when I can find some table candles in a store) and my dresser is undressed and free of proper Christmas until next week. And my tree? Well, this week is too early, but next week is a Guide camp away, so I may not get there until the week after.
I say unto my inner critic, "Begone! Cease and desist the whining and gloating over failures that aren't failures!"
I didn't get my Costa? I have Whittards mulled wine instead. My advent wreath is cream and not red? Well, it's the colour of purity and love, and a change is as good as a rest. My dresser? It's my dresser; it's Christmas all year round; just a couple of small decorations will do. And I have my family and 24 day's worth of chocolate orange segments, so worries begone. The Christmas Fairy will be back full steam next week, and this year we are having a quiet celebration; of life, love and family. No cost or big effort necessary.

Apologies for the lack of photos. I need to charge the camera, and then I need to take some of my life just the way it is.


  1. I hope you're feeling more like your old self very soon.
    Rotten timing to get a bug but then these things come along, we can't control it and we just have to ride them out.
    Whether it's cream or red candles all will be fabulous because you'll be with your loved ones.
    Lisa x

  2. Life, love and family sounds perfect to me. Sorry you're unwell, Eleanor's got the lurgy as well. I think there's lots of it going around, a drawback of the mild autumn, not enough cold weather to kill those nasty bugs off. Hope you find your red candles.

  3. Sorry you've been poorly - but just think of it as getting it out of the way so that you're going to be on top form over Christmas! xx

  4. Hello. Nice to pop over and find a post. Not so nice to hear you've been ill though. Hope you're feeling much better. Perfection is over-rated if you ask me. And while it's lovely to have things just so, (we can probably all relate to that), in the grand scheme of things none of it really matters about from the bit about life, love and family of course. xx

  5. get well soon, and don't be too hard on yourself xxx

  6. I hope that you are feeling much better by now, take care of yourself, and don't worry about the colour of your candles, the thought is more important than anything else! xx


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