My new love....

Did you know that there are people out there who are mad about Filofax? That you can read posts and posts about what is in their Filofax, whether they like A5 or personal, what the relative merits of a Holborn against a Malden against a Kendal are? No, neither did I.
And I would never have taped myself as a Filofax addict...... but... but ... but (small voice) I am.

I have always been slightly positive about Filofaxes. Perhaps aged 18 I was an aspirational yuppie. That's when I got my first one; 1986 or 7. It was red plastic and ribbed. Don't ask me what type it was; how would I know? I know the leather ones cost so much I could never imagine having one. Ever ever ever.  I enjoyed the versatility; you can add and take away pages, you can put in the stuff you want, it does pockets and rulers and all sorts.

From there I have always had a Filofax or a looky-likey to use as a planner. I won't say I have always used it, like most women I have been fickle and moved between Moleskine, polka dot diaries and just a piece of paper but always at the back there has been a folder waiting to come out when I needed something better, bigger or just organizable.

And this year I blame this site entirely for finally making me an addict. For making my guilty plannerisms (no, that's this site) public. I know, I know, I have posted about dotty Filofaxes in the past and about using notebooks as planners. Now I feel obliged to come clean.

. My online name is Angel Jem and I'm a Filofax addict. Now I either need to get on with being an addict and either get a job or learn how to fence stuff to support my habit, or go cold turkey and risk total disorganisation.

And for those other FF addicts out there..... It's a crimson  personal Malden from Tudor Office supplies, bought over Ebay. I am home, at last.


  1. "And for those other FF addicts out there..... It's a crimson personal Malden"

    LOL - as if we couldn't already tell ;) Great to see more blog posts popping up about filos though, spreading the disease as it were.

    I don't often see the horizontal diary format - how do you find using it?

  2. I daren't click on the links as I know I shall be sucked in too!
    Happy organising!
    Lisa x

  3. I like the horizontal diary in my personal. I find trying to write up to the rings too hard for a diary but live with it for the notes I take. As long as I have some pages beforehand then writing on the top part is no probs.


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