Versailles; what a holiday home that would be!

I know, I know, Versailles was the permanent base for the French court rather than a summer palace like the Austrians and Prussians had, but it must have been chosen for its position atop a hill as a gentle breeze blows even on the hottest Parisian days. We visited twice, once to see the gardens and once to join the shuffling queue through the palace.

I know that the space and vista can never be replicated in a small garden, but I love the fact that even on such a grand scale, Versailles and a small garden can have things in common.

Water features


A reasonable view of the house

and children playing with a pile of iron.


  1. I have only visited Versailles once, in my teens - and I remember being severely admonished by a guard for sitting on one of the statue plinths (more like leaning against, really) to have our photo taken!

    Pomona x

  2. he he!
    love this post!
    I too have only been to Versailles once and it was November so the gardens were not at their best but it was breath taking none the less!


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