Remember me....

When I finally got around to writing another entry on my blog, the computer had the effrontery to ask, "Remember me".....
It's been 6 months since my last blog, 6 months probably since I last commented on anyones blog and definitely 6 months since I spent any concentrated time in the blogosphere. I still owe someone a Christmas swap.... I hope she's still talking to me when finally the package makes it to her. Where have I been? I don't know! But I'm back... and this time it's personal.
My home computer has deserted me, stopped internetting and after months of harrumphing at it I have finally admitted defeat. I went and looked at notepads (not the paperchase kind) and tomorrow Iwill be delivered of a red (That's a RED) Dell thingy that looks like this;
So from tomorrow I'm back and not just in the half hour that I can grab from the kids and the cooking. I can be online 24/7 365, constantly at your beck and call..... but not for the first week. For the first week I will be playing with my new Baby. Dell. Adele? Del Boy? Delbert? Nah, this red temptress had better be Delilah. She can have a hand felted case and lots of exciting adventures. Mobile technology. Great,eh?


  1. Welcome back! I recently got a new laptop - the old one was driving me bonkers. I wanted a red Dell with the shiny aluminium type keys but they had a really good spec Dell in the sale and so I couldn't justify the extra money just for the good looks. I still look at it on the website though and drool - lol!

  2. Nice to see you back, what about Delilah. Have fun!!!!


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