Saturday, 26 April 2008

I plays Hookey....

Today should be Ballet and swimming.

Actually we will go swimming at midday, then go to visit my Ma, but we're playing hookey from ballet.

Is that bad?

It gave me a chance to read all the blogs I haven't for a while, to leave a lot of comments, to see what is out there in the creative zeitgeist and to pump the well of inspiration.

We'll go see Ma, but we need to go to the Market. I want some cute buttons, some cotton yarn, some pretty material. I feel a sewing & knitting fit coming on. The princess needs her new summer dresses.... and a white cotton cardy. And then the boys will need some shorts, and I need some new baggy trousers and I need a new cushion and I want a summer house with gingham curtains (red) and an outside socket for a kettle and a sofa.......

Inspiration, he?

And now I'm off to take some pictures, to download a whole load of the computer onto my external hard drive and to fight (tooth and claw) with my children for the right to keep the computer until swimming.

Get off there, kids, it's mine.

And, by the way, don't you just love these?

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Sad days and jolly days.

My husband's Uncle Arthur died last Wednesday and the funeral is tomorrow.
Yes, we are sad in that we will miss him, he was a regular Christmas guest the past 4 years and we did treat him as a surrogate grandpop, eally, but I refuse to go in for heavy mourning.
You see, he was 83 which is a good innings, really, and he wasn't massively ill ever so to be carried off by a massive stroke with little/no pain sounds reasonable to me. He was such an independant man that to be disabled would have been anathema. My goodness! he didn't want to ask for help if he could help it ever. Stubborn and self-willed, this was a man who had been through WW2 and the events in Palestine until 1947. He had been a scout messenger during the blitz, he knew what war was like...... and he could keep the stories going for hours
And hours
And hours.
I wish I'd made him write them down. Now who can tell me about the sand in the tent shifting because of the scorpions? Who can remind me that 60 years ago the woods at the foot of our road stretched over another 2 or 3 miles because there were no houses then between it and Woolton? Who can look at my little Princess and tell her that her eyes are just like her Grandma's when everyone who knew her grandma at that age is gone?
And everytime one of the older generation leaves us, shuffles off this mortal coil and enters the blessed peace of paradise, it means I shuffle that bit further up the queue of mortality.... soon, we'll be the older generation and the torch of living will have been passed on to another layer while we (Deo Volentus) sit and look back with hindsight and wisdom as befits our advanced status to hanker after a time of innocence long, long past. Do you remember when petrol only cost £1.50 a litre? You could buy a house for £300, 000 in those days, and there were plenty of Polish plumbers who did the work. I remember when the Brown depression struck we thought we'd never have it good again... and the days when you could go out in daylight alone and not be knifed. They were days of wine and roses......
Perhaps by then they won't have zimmer frames but automatic wheelchairs like the best robotic dreams, think and it will move. We might all be stored in a deep freeze and on our way to Alpha maximus because the Earth is in toxic shock after global warming......
Or perhaps not. Perhaps people will have realised that peace is best achieved by friendship and understanding, that community builds community and that we are all citizens of a beautiful planet. That global warming, myth or fantasy as it may be, is only part of the reason to take care of the Earth, and that we are definitely Human Beings not Human Doings. That life can be hard and subsistence living, but that humans can redeem it by their attitude, by their companionship and their eternal optimism. And that nothing matters more than family.
I have seen four dead bodies in my time, all of them old people. Death at their age is a release and a blessing. When the body and brain fails and all joy has gone, it's not bad. I don't fear dead bodies. They are amongst the most peaceful things I have seen on Earth. And tomorrow when we watch Uncle Arthur's coffin pass beyond the veil, I shall weep, a little, because of the music, but mostly I shall feel content that a good and grateful man has passed onto paradise. Bless him.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Because everything goes at once...

Gratuitous shot of reasonably tidy front door area. (Note baskets of living stuff and lack of letters piled up on mat)
My e-mail isn't working.

So, because it's not working I don't check it.

So, if anyone I know has e-mailed me....... I haven't ignored you on purpose, I just haven't been able to get through to the stash waiting for me on Virgin medias e-mail shelves (Don't try and fool me that it doesn't all get stored on pieces of paper somewhere. I know it does.)

Apologies then for any unintentional rudeness & offence that I may have caused.

The other downside of this is that I am loathe to do any online shopping because I don't know what to do about an e-mail address.

Which is a pity as I actually had time on my hands today to browse and added some more pretty stops to my favourites list.

Sophie Perks Ward, a name I recognise from magazines

The Hen House. Look at those cute baskets! I love french style shopping baskets and will be getting one.... as soon as I get to France!

Lily Blue; I was having a Greengate moment. I may possibly squander £10 on a couple of teatowels & make some cushions. Possibly.

The Mulberry bush. I will be dreaming of a Poppy Trefry tea cosy for weeks. Shame.

And in my personal life.....

Well, work is going well. I'm on 5 mornings and 2 afternoons a week, which is quite enough thank you very much. I'm desperate for a part time job come September, but there isn't a lot going at the moment.

My children are all well and better after the Easter from Hell. We managed 2 days out all holiday & everyone was sick one after another. Whoo! I was glad to get back to school for the rest. They also won't leave me be on the 'puter. I need a lap top, but I might have to wait to get one until I am working/ I win the lottery/ I figure out how to do the bank heist without getting caught.

I'm off now to read around and see what is big in the blog world. (Or I might do some knitting. I grabbed my needles and some wool & I have a plan to knit a waistcoat by Friday. Yeah, right.)