My apologies for a long absence and some pictures of a Christmassy home.

Wow! November 9th! And I haven't been working, honest I haven't. I've barely been on the puter either... or I'd have written before! I know that the first week of December I Christmassed the house, but what happened before or since I don't know. There was that cold, that lasted two weeks, and I have helped at any and every Christmas thing at school (dressing for the play? Love to help! Trip to Santa? Certainly, and I'll take 200 photos while I'm there!) so I haven't done nothing, in fact, I've used my catch up TV to watch every serious money programme and documentary going, and I figure that I am beginning to feel like I'm in the 30's and so I'm darned well going to live like that!( No, really, I looked up on a website where to get seamed stockings and my DH seems very keen!)

So, for a little light relief, here are some pictures. Enjoy (and hopefully I'll be back again soon)

But if I'm not, can I take this chance of wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a calm and peaceful 2009!


  1. Gorgeous! And I have to ask, where on earth do you get candles for your pyramid, the real name of which I can not spell! My Mum bought hers years ago in Germany and we've never been able to find candles to fit since!

  2. wishing my swapie a happy christmas... look out for the postie I am hoping it gets to you in time for the big day....

  3. Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Christmas,x!

  4. So glad you are OK - was concerned about the long gap since your last post.
    Gemma- have you tried Habitat for the candles? I got some there last year which were the right size. They may have them cheap in the new year Sales now!!
    Its a beautiful crib scene too
    Happy New Year xxx

  5. Hope Christmas was lovely. Happy new Year. Gx

  6. What a lovely lovely BLOG!

    I love your header picture too


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