An award and my tags.

Tilly Tatas gave me an award and tagged me for a 7 random facts tag. I can't remember if I've ever done one before/ for a while so, here goes.
1.My left little finger is smaller than my right little finger. I think it means I'm more highly evolved.
2. I met my husband when I was 11 and finally asked him out when I was 22. I've known him for 29 years. That's scary!
3. I wanted to be a nun when I was 11. All Catholic girls do. Something to do with Bernadette and St Theresa. I blame Blue Peter.
4. I have a Blue Peter badge for writing in to the programme. I got it when I was 19 and applied to be a presenter. I'd still like to be one, but I content myself with being a teacher. Not so well paid, but a lot less trampolines.
5. I can win at Trivial Pursuits using mostly the brown squares. I will answer the cheese questions for the other colours, but brown is my favourite and my best.
6. I have never read War and Peace. It's the russian names, all thos epatronimics bore me. But I have read Lord Of The Rings three times, and the names in that are just as weird. perhaps I like the story better.
7. My favourite food is chocolate ginger. My Nana used to eat them at Christmas and being the only one apart from her who liked it meant I always got some off her. My Mum buys it for me now. Bless. We like to remember Nana at Christmas, even though she died 8 years ago.
So, there you are. Seven random facts about me. Who to pick on now???? Well, I can think of who deserves a Super Commenter award better than a tag, so I'll do that.
My super commenters are;
And, if you want to you can do the tag, too!


  1. I'm a super commenter??? WooHooo!!!! Thanks for tagging me -- I've done this one a few times -- if I weren't so lazy I'd look up where they are!

    I loved your number one. I was wondering, does that logic extend to different sized boobs??? LOL!!!

  2. Ta muchly though undeserved at present Where does time vanish to?I will blog this week I promise though not much to say!!

  3. Ahhh, just taken a peek at your blog to be inspired for your Christmas swop...Mmmmm maybe one of them facts might inspire...;-)

  4. Just letting you know I am back again, have been reading you all along, but just not blogging. Where have you disappeared to these last few weeks?

  5. Thanks for the tag!
    I have thought long and hard and finally come up with 7 random facts about myself [let's face it, my family think I am totally random 99% of the time!!]

  6. oooh thanks for tagging me, I am endavouring to catch up on my blog and reading blogs next week, I have been so lapse lately!
    Thank you pretty lady!


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