I took my daughter to speech therapy on Monday.... she can't get the difference in saying G and D so we have a lot of dods but only one Dod. Do you get it? OK, so speech therapy is supposed to be only half an hour at 1.30.... but going and returning take a good 15 minutes (drive slowly) and play is at half two, and after play is only story time..... do you see where I'm going with this? All in all it makes more sense not to take her back into school, especially since my Dad can collect the Boys on a Monday so we (she and I) indulge and I mean indulge in feminine time. Translation; we go to Borders (and Starbucks within) where I get fleeced right royally. This week's highway robbery was a Japanese craft book, so cute that I have barely been allowed to touch it and, indeed, at the moment can't find it to copy and show you. Don't tell her, but I did get this matching volume;

so she will be getting the hairbands, bags and bits 'n' pieces that are dear to a young girl's heart (and make excellent Christmas presents for teenage girls) but this one I keep under lock and key. Ha!

The little mascots are very quick... at only two or three inches tall they should be. I made this cutesy today in 35 minutes, including living pouch and I do have dreams of making books, teddies and suitcases for the Princess' little Pinkie, who I have not scanned, since she is at present sleeping in the dolls house.

My daughter is an entrepreneur, and has dreams of building a vast empire based on selling little craft bits. I regularly make her little hairbands, part of my nostalgic living excercise when I make her suffer the same indignities in the name of craftiness that I did (just joking; they're not indignities; they're a stand against globalisation and a quest for individuality in an increasingly homogeneous world.) Now, with these little dolls she has seen a way to expand her empire. Unfortunately, I seem to be her slave labour and the provider of raw materials. I think I'm being exploited here. If any one wants to contribute to my release, please send me a message of support. But that won't work, either because my e-mail is till down and I haven't actually set up another one. Blow. Instead, I'll leave you with some pretty pictures; my uploading programme worked for once, I had an hour on the computer and some gratuitous prettiness never goes amiss.

Flowers on my mantlepiece; thanks to my lovely Husband for these (not fresh every week, but when I run out, he gets me more)

Rhododendrons at Calderstones Park. I love the fact that there are so many open spaces in Liverpool. Calderstones is one of the biggest and best and a regular day out in the summer.

The baby goslings at the park; it is still spring time and a little cuteness goes a long way. Won't these taste lovely at Christmas?

And a bluebell wood. There is a portion of the park set aside for these, and fenced off to stop people from picking or walking over or... well, whatever people do to bluebells nowadays. It's sad to see the barrier, but a sign of modern life. Don't ask me if they're indigenous or spanish; they're blue (and white) and shaped like bells. Nuff said?


  1. Thanks for sharing the photos of Calderstones Park. One of my favourite places in the springtime. Love bluebells of all kinds also the Marie Curie daffodils look spectacular around the parks. I suppose they have finished by now.
    That looks like a great little craft book. Lovely that your daughter likes to create. Don't worry about the speech thing. D & G are a bit confusing. As are D & B, and M & N. They are they most common speech errors of young children.

  2. Ooh I want that book, it looks fabulous!
    It's nice that you get to spend a girly day with your daughter on speech therapy days. My daughter had to go to see a therapist because she was having panic attacks at school. I used to spend the day with her instead of sending her back to school.


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