I have a crafty moment going on round here....

But the trouble is that I keep changing from project to project, ignore any house work completely and can always think of a reason why I need (that's need ) to go to Borders.

Apart from sewing blue Pinkies for the task master, there's a ripple blanket for DP, a waistcoat to knit for me, some mats that I bought 14 years ago to embroider, several cross stitch sets I have found and want to finish and a tapestry cushion that cost an indecent amount that I must, from shame, finish sometime. I will photo and post like a good girl sometime but, for now, I am in love with Photobox and busy cutting and sticking a scrapbook of our Scottish holiday last year. I'll leave you with my new header photo; the crystal bowl is at least 30 years old, the mat I embroidered myself. Enjoy.


  1. Hi! I am visiting your blog for the first time and just wanted to say that it´s lovely.

    I am a swedish woman living in Singapore, feel free to visit:-)

    Hugs Gunilla

  2. I love your new banner. Don't feel guilty about all the unfinished craft projects. We've all got plenty of those.


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