I think it's Saturday, isn't it?

When I changed my name (well, blog name, really) to the Domestic competent that was what I intended to be; competent, no more no less.
Well a little less if necessary.
OK a lot less than competent. Like I need to do the washing before I am backed out of my own kitchen by the pile.
I need to get something to eat ready to heat for 6 o'clock.
I need ......

But I have a Sickie Mickie who is lying on the settee and feeling very sorry, a little princess fresh from a party high on sugar and crafts and another one who needs a hand to cut straight because "I'm making you a set of Dino cards Mummy, so you can start collecting...."

The washing will wait.


  1. Of course the washing will wait.
    I hope the sickie Mickie is feeling better soon. I'm sure the little princess is fast asleep now an the Dino cards are all cut and fabulous!

  2. A) I bet you're much more than competent!

    B) I hope Sickie Mickie is happy and healthy today!

    C) What better thing to start collecting than Dino cards? Awesome!

  3. I was wondering what the 'competent' meant for you. Sounds like our bedlam house.

  4. I found that to be such a sweet post! You're so right -- the washing WILL wait. And when they're much older, you'll be so happy that it did wait!!!

  5. Hope the sickie one is feeling better and that you all have a great Easter

  6. It sounds like you're busy, but I know I'd rather be playing along with any prospective children than doing the washing. Either that or I could turn them into Washing Minions, but I think there are child labour laws surrounding that! ;)

    Hope you had a nice Easter and that your little one is feeling better.

  7. Washing can ALWAYS but ALWAYS wait. Especially for a sickie Mickie! Feel better!

  8. Are you still doing the washing woman???? where is everyone - I think we all have badbloggeritis!


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