Glamping? Only in the garden... and a book for sale.

I bought this book last year; I don't go camping, don't own a caravan (although would love one to play with on the path) and have no VW camper to outfit, but I do like the whole ..... vibe? Is vibe too 70's a word? It sounds better than millieu (pretentious) oeuvre (too Fine Arts at home) or look (too plain). Yes, I like the vibe. It's relaxed, happy and on the whole very family friendly.

So I had this book and used it as a pretty picture book. Seriously, it sits and gets looked at now and again, but I have very few plans to follow the instructions. I like the projects, I just don't think I need the step by step lists. I like just doing it.

 I plan to make a rag rug, I really do, but I don't need the instructions, really.
 Don't you love this camper van? It would be really brilliant if it were red. That's one of my top choices the next time I buy a car. I'd love a camper van so I can be a proper eccentric. It will have to wait, though.
 I love the tea cosy, but I cannot bring myself to knit one. I don't know why, I think I'm suffering from lack of patience; it just looks like it would take a long time, ergo I have no time to make it. Oh, and all the threads passed across the back of the work just look too fiddly. I'm a coward.
 The food covers, that's a definite on my list, but again, I have a pattern for it elsewhere. Do I keep a book just for one set of instructions, or shall I use blogs and ravelry to find the answer?

 The idea of making tea outside on a small stove take me back to the few camping trips I have done, when a warm cup of tea is all that stands between you and hypothermia on the day when you set off for a walk, to get rained on heavily (This Is Britain!!) and come back to a damp, smelly tent with moist socks to replace the sodden ones and a sleeping bag covered in mud after you caterpillar out of the walking clothes to grasshopper into the last set of almost dry clothes you have. And then it rains. Again. I like the vibe, love the mug.
 Crochet bunting; high on my list to make for the garden. The book is full of pretty things that you want to make. I really enjoyed looking at it, but the time for it in my life is over. Time for it to move on.
 And again; I love this idea for edging. If I had a van or a caravan every shelf would be edged. Mr AJ would hate it, absolutely hate it!

 Draughts is a necessity. I'd make mine with chess pieces on the other side. I might get Mr AJ to play chess.
 This blanket is calling to me; this is the inspiration for my Noel blanket, in shades of green, red and white. I'm saving the idea for this one.
 I do like the book; I really do. But I don't need it. I'm thinking of putting it on Amazon, but I wondered if anybody wanted it first. I'm putting it up for sale at £7.50, with £2.80 postage, but I'm happy to sell it including domestic postage here for £7.50. It's in perfect condition, and ready to read. If you're interested, just email me.

I am clearing out my cupboards, getting my house clear, making space for the next good thing. I was reading about John D Freyer who sold stuff on ebay, and then went to visit the items as part of a Master's degree, and Ian Usher who sold his whole life on Ebay. I don't think I need to be as extreme as them, but I definitely want to clear space, mentally and physically. I need to list on ebay, sort out stuff and sell on what I no longer need or find pleasure from. I am seeking meaningful minimalism. 


  1. You did make me smile with this post! I too love the idea of camping (glamping or otherwise) but the reality is that camping and I do not mix well. I like a hot bath at the end of the day. I like to wash my hair every day. I have a phobia of spiders and I feel the cold. None of these things helps me to be a happy camper! So although I am rather tempted by your book - everything looks so, well, cosy and delightful, I must resist temptation! But like you, I find the vibe very alluring! E x

  2. I've only ever been camping once in my life and that was in a caravan when I was about four or five. My dad didn't like camping and I can't persuade Mick to go either. Saying that, I must admit to liking my home comforts so perhaps camping isn't for me.

  3. My mum has this book and I really enjoyed browsing it but I know I'll never make anything in it. I don't think she's made anything in it either! It makes me want to go camping SO much, but I know that camping and I are not suited. I like roofs and walls in my tent, ie a hotel. It's good that you can pick a few ideas for future projects but pass it on now that it is no use to you. x


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