Confidence goes puff....

Why do I let myself have these crises of confidence? Why does one person get such a hold on my fragile ego? Begone, foul pest and let me feel brave again. Let me channel my heroes and stand against the forces of fear and failure to be the teacher I can be.
Just let me get through the next 4 weeks without being rude to the Teaching Assistant who makes it clear that I don't rate as a teacher in her (experienced but biased) eyes.


  1. I was very sorry to read your post, and very sorry that you are made to feel this way by a TA. Remember you ARE the teacher in this class, you ARE the more qualified! Indeed be gone foul pest!!
    I have personally seen to much of this kind of thing in school, be strong, you can do it!!

  2. How awful that someone can make you feel this way. Just remember the difference you can make to the children in your class, I'm sure they can recognise a good teacher even if the teaching assistant can't.

  3. Just ignore her! You know us teachers, never ever confident, but always expecting it of others. You CAN do it, and if you couldn't the Head would have been in by now. Chin up missus. Zx

  4. Poor you. Don't allow this individual to let you feel this way - he/she's just a wannabe teacher. Probably jealousy.

  5. Hope this past week has been a better one for you.
    It's hard going into work when you feel this way, but try and stay positive.
    Lisa x


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