Sunday, 24 November 2013

Bah! Humbug! Christmas is coming, now Dr Who has gone.

Did you watch it? Did you? Did you?

We were at a family party (a niece's 18th) and, God bless her, she never even blinked when half of her Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents all sat in a room for 1.25 hours (why is it easier to do digital than fractions?) and watched. That's me and all my blood relatives. It never usually happens. Never. Yet we sat altogether and had a wonderful blast of nostalgia, a binding experience as we watched a programme that we all loved and still love. Class.

I've watched it this morning, with my children who found the lure of a single mattress surfing down a staircase too much to ignore yesterday and I will watch it again soon with popcorn and Mr Angel Jem. Love it. And if indeed the Warrior Doctor quote about Great men are forged in Fire is original to the show, then... Wow! What quality writing. The episode is worth it for that nugget of Shakespearean or Churchillian wisdom.

We celebrated with cupcakes. Blue Tardis iced cupcakes made by the princess and in Dr Who cases from Lakeland. And we have Dalek straws for tonight. Seriously.

But now Dr Who is over, the next great feast is looming. I've got my candles ready, and take great pleasure in lighting them. And the crafting is going on, slowly, slowly.

I loved the felt gingerbread house I saw on Tales From A Happy House last year. I have been lusting after one all year, and the other week I sat and made it!! I gave it a lid, just like a Cath Kidston sewing box. Of course, I need to figure out a fastener, hence my finger in the photo below. It has pride of place on my piano, holding the sweets that are left over from filling advent (only one week to go!)

My daughter made one as well, and one day when I am home and it is light (I wish) I'll take the photos and show you them properly. For now, I'll leave you with a gratuitous chocolate shot. Enjoy! I wish I could offer you all one for real! x

Friday, 22 November 2013

My October craft project.... at last.... and a new beginning

Oh my! Does time fly when you are being kept busy! Most days I have just enough time to read my bloglovin' list and barely a minute to think of posting. I know I'm a bad blogger, but life has been such good fun. Work is going well, thank you, and Mr Angel Jem is getting through lots of work from home. 
And by the time I sit still, to string a coherent sentence together impossible to seems be.

So, mindless, repetitive crafting has been the order of the day. A pick up and put down, just watch TV and monotonise movement craft. Yes, a blanket. I began this one back in September with a plan; to snuggle under it by Christmas Day to watch Downton. And I could, except..... it no longer belongs to me. 

As I wrote here, it has been claimed and stolen from me and most nights lives on the Princess' bed, except when it's video night and gets dragged down as the softest snuggliest to cuddle under.

 It's just the right size to fit two close friends, or one Mum and a Princess, so we use it often.

 And if you look closely you can see my next two projects; do you see them?

The first one is easy; it's a matching blanket. This is just mine, mine and no one else's, unless they want to learn crochet and make it their bloody selves. This will be my Downton snuggle, hopefully with the DVD of series 4 to watch and enjoy again, and again.

 But for now I have some more mindless, repetitve (not as unneeding as the granny stripe but not bad) crochet to do when I sit and get a chance. 

 The basket by my chair overflows again,

 It's another pack of Attic 24's favourite colours, from ebay, just like the granny stripe.

With the advantage that my random stripe generator system I used last time (a lot of little cards in my crochet tin) is just as useful here again.

And the second new project? Come on! You have to come back again to find out if you're right!